Wednesday, November 26, 2008

La Sportiva Miura VS Rock Shoe

I was curiously excited to try out the miura vs when they first came out. Would I crush all my projects all of a sudden? Out of the box the shoes fit like a glove. I have been wearing Sportiva shoes for years, so it might be that my feet have been molded into the shape of sportiva shoes. Who knows? The three velcro closures were great for easy on and off. The heels felt perfect. I was ready to crush!

When I first tried the vs's out, the climbing was a little clunky. I felt like I was wearing elevator shoes. That was probably because I was use to much softer, thinner slippers. I did feel confident on standing on tiny little dimples. My project was this slab in Boulder Canyon, so I was excited to try my luck with the new shoes. At the crux of my proj, I did stand up with renewed confidence, only to have my foot pop a few seconds later. Damn the stiffness of new shoes! A couple of more tries with the same result. I left frustrated having not sent, but confident that my news shoes would bring me glory soon...

I sent my slab project the next try back and have been very happy with my miura vs's ever since. The initial clunkiness only happens if you are use to a slipper. They really aren't that thick. It's all what you are use to. I really love the new xs grip rubber though. They have given me newfound confidence in standing on nothing.

Over the summer, I managed to send many a project, albeit I did not magically crush them. In the end, it took a lot of trying hard and well, trying harder. But I did have a lot of confidence in the shoes I was wearing. The miura vs's came in handy a lot. Today, they are coming close to needing a resole. They are on the cusp of performance and repair. The sensitivity of the shoes are unrivaled, but just barely. Probably another try or two, and it will be time for the cobbler. Until then, I will slip them on whenever I am ready to try hard.

Tony Yao
Boulder Rock Club
2829 Mapleton Ave
Boulder, CO 80301

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