Wednesday, December 17, 2008

K2 Apache Coomba Skis

I've gotta be honest, I’m slightly biased with this review. In my eyes, Doug Coombs is by far the all-time legend of big mountain skiing. He was also a friend, with whom I was fortunate enough to make turns, share a few pitches, and celebrate with a beer or two, or three, at the end of an amazing day. So when the Coomba hit the market there wasn’t a price tag that would keep me from riding a pair. Although, you’ll be happy these all mountain fatties aren’t that crushing on the bank account (about $600), especially when you look at it’s competition.

The Coomba performs like a dream in pow and it’s light for it’s size (135/101/121 and a little over 8 lbs). During the all day tour, it busts through the crud and handles wind crust… well as good as you can ski wind crust. The snow has just started to fall here and I’m itching to get out on my Coombas. If your looking for a new addition to your quiver the Coomba is the ticket. Think snow and stay safe in the backcountry.

Simon Fryer
Boulder Rock Club & Colorado Mountain School
2829 Mapleton Ave
Boulder, CO. 80301

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