Thursday, March 3, 2011

Ski Repair Kit: Build Your Own

If you're heading into the backcountry for a day or multi-day tour it's key to have a ski repair kit. You never know when something is going to crap out. You can save the day and avoid a potential epic by putting together your own kit. Here are a few things I have in my pack:

Day touring repair kit:
duct tape
spare ski pole basket
hose clamps for ski pole repair
bailing wire
multitool w/ pliers and wire cutters, etc.
binding buddy tool with applicable driver bits
spare climbing skin parts- tip loop, tail strap and clips
zip ties, assorted
climbing skin wax
small bar universal glide wax
small ski base scraper
binding screw repair kit- assorted binding screws, steel wool, gorilla super glue or quick cure epoxy
several long voile ski straps

Additional multiday items to consider:
spare binding components for tele and AT bindings, i.e. heel or toe assemblies, heel throws, cables
small helicoil kit to properly repair pulled binding screws
spare beacon batteries
spare boot buckle
small file

Enjoy your next day of skiing and stay safe in the backcountry. 
Mike Soucy
CMS Guide

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