Thursday, July 7, 2011

La Sportiva's TC Pros

My pair of La Sportiva TC Pros are just getting “broken in”, just beginning to mold to my feet. Initially they felt a little boxy to me, kind of big and stiff compared to the shoes I had been wearing. Soon however, I became a believer.

Even during the break-in period I have used them to onsight 5.11d thin granite face/edge climbing, guide sandstone classics up to seven pitches long and smear confidently on gneiss sport climbs. I also wore them on steep basalt during a recent road trip. Heck, I even bouldered with them in the gym!

In every situation they have performed flawlessly, fostering confidence and good footwork. No surprise that they edge like demons, what did surprise me was how well they smeared, which is extremely well. Though they are not the most sensitive shoes I have worn, I never question them; they stick.

I only expect greater things now that I have entered the comfort zone with them. I can’t wait for the alpine rock season to begin in earnest in Rocky Mountain National Park, as the TC Pros are going to be awesome on the Diamond and everything else up there. I’m also psyched to have these as my go to shoes later this summer in Squamish.

The shoes are still like new, rubber and all, and as mentioned my feet are just now feeling like the TC Pros and they have a real relationship.

I think it is going to be a long and beautiful one.

Mark Hammond

Head Guide, Colorado Mountain School

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