Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Arcteryx S240 Harness

The Specs:
The S240 is a streamlined, ultralight sport-climbing specific harness from Arcteryx. This is the lightest, simplest harness from Arcteryx's line of WARP technology harnesses. WARP technology is a revolutionary method developed by Arcteryx that takes a normal, sturdy piece of 3/4 inch webbing and fans out the webbing to distribute loads over a larger surface area. This allows for the harness to have very little padding, while at the same time being considerably more comfortable. The features of the S240 are streamlined for minimal weight and maximum performance. This model has two large gear loops and super breathable mesh leg loops with elastic fitting. It has a speed buckle and wear indicator webbing on the beefy tie in points; when the webbing turns orange, its time for a new S240.

The Ride:
The S240 is the Porsche of climbing harnesses. I have climbed in many of the leading competitors harnesses and my experience with the S240 blows the competition away. Most ultralight, sport climbing and redpoint specific harnesses sacrifice a lot of comfort for weight and maneuverability. Not here. The S240 provides all-day climbing comfort for those extra long hang dog sessions on your project (or your partners extra long hang dog sessions on their projects) all the while tipping the scale at a measly 248 grams. Although the harness only boasts 2 gear loops, rest assured that these things can be packed with rack. I have put 18 quickdraws on mine, no problem. The waist and especially the mesh leg loops breathe well if you find yourself runout and sweating. The speed buckle is safe and has you strapped up and ready to send long before your partner has stepped into their leg loops. One of the greatest things about the WARP harnesses is that they pack down to nothing. Arcteryx is known for their attention to detail and it shows on the S240. With impeccable seems and slick material, this thing looks really good. I have been using the hell out of mine for nearly 6 months and it barely shows signs of wear.

If you are looking for a feather-weight, aggressive sport climbing or single pitch trad harness, the S240 cannot be beat. With the S240 and Arcteryx WARP design you can have the best of both worlds (comfort and performance) with this thing. It is everything you would expect from the world's best harness manufacturer and worth every penny.

J-Star (Jonathan Siegrist)
Route Setter
Boulder Rock Club


Maureen said...

I am planning to do somer rock climbong and I weigh 120 lbs. What's the best type of harness for me?


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