Tuesday, January 4, 2011

BD Punisher Glove

When I chose a glove for mountain guiding I need something that performs well. This winter I wanted to try out the Black Diamond Punisher Glove. I have been out this winter several times with the BD Punisher. I have a few guidelines that the glove has to meet.

One of my more important concerns is that the glove has dexterity. I like placing protection on lead that flows smoothly. I do not like to fumble around with big puffy gloves while leading ice climbs. The BD punisher has a sleek low profile design that allows for easy handling of my ice equipment. A quick test for me to tell if the glove has precision is too be able to tie my ice boots without taking my gloves off and the Punisher passed.

A second concern of mine is the ability of the glove to stay somewhat dry while being out all day in adverse conditions. My body runs hot so I have a style of hiking in to the climb with a BD mid-weight super breathable liner so I do not sweat into the glove that I will be ice climbing in. When I was climbing in negative degree weather the punisher stayed warm and breathed pretty well I found while ice climbing and belaying.

I have been guiding for a decade now and I have seen the sport develop a bit over the years. I like the fact that gear is getting more modern. There has been some thought on Black Diamonds part, I have experienced the functionality of the Punisher. Like the glove keeper loops on the finger so I am able to store my gloves upside down on my gear loops so no falling snow is able to get inside of the glove. I also discovered that there is softer material on the thumb that I use as a nose wipe in really cold weather. It’s the little things like that in the back country, which gives me a bit more comfort.

Whether I am chopping steps with my piolet or bashing icecicles with my Cobra’s I will be wearing my BD Punishers on my next guiding adventure.

Joey Thompson
CMS Guide
AIARE Level 1 Instructor
AMGA Certified Rock Guide
AMGA SPI Program Director

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Gary said...


Nice write up on the BD gloves and great photo of you. Good to hear you are out in the mountains. Wish I were there now and hope to get back soon.

Gary Calloway