Friday, May 13, 2011

Revo Abyss Sunglasses

I have been wearing the Revo Abyss sunglasses throughout the last weeks’ fantastically diverse spring season -- rock climbing and trail running in the Front Range, and alpine ice climbing and backcountry skiing in the high mountains.  We Coloradans are truly lucky to get the best of both worlds right now!  When CMS asked me to test the Revo Abyss sunglasses, I was a little skeptical.  I thought, “They won’t fit on my tiny Asian nose!”  Impressively, though, the Revo Abyss have been my “go to” sunglasses everyday during the last 3 weeks, across all these varied activities.  And, maybe more importantly, I may have finally discovered active and functional sunglasses that aren’t just for boys – and that fit my Asian nose!***  Hooray!

The Revo Abyss sunglasses have curved lenses that nicely wrap around your eyes and face, shielding reflection and sun from the sides. The Abyss work exceptionally well on snow and rock as their Polarcast Polarization Technology eliminates glare.  While climbing steep snow and alpine ice, I noticed that the Abyss had great downward vision and allowed me to focus on my footing as I climbed.

Most importantly, the view of the world through Abyss has been stunning.  I have seen beautiful snow filled mountains and ridges in Rocky Mountain National Park, red and yellow color rock in Eldorado Canyon, and beautiful snowflakes that land on my jacket.  I can see them all sharply and clearly!

Bottom line: The Revo Abyss are great shades for getting out and getting after it in the mountains.  And did I mention they fit an Asian nose?  Thanks Revo!!!

***Please note that you do not need an Asian nose to wear these glasses.  I am sure it fits you fine.

For more information about Revo's sunglasses please check out their website:

Norie Kizaki
CMS Guide
AMGA Certified Rock Instructor


bloc hornet said...

thanks for the review, they sound like the type I need for climbing

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Anonymous said...

The Revo Guides look good too--based on the images, any thoughts on how they'd fit a small (albeit not Asian) nose?

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