Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Marmot Mica Jacket

This spring I was in need of a new waterproof shell…bad! I’ve worn out my Precip after years of abuse in the mountains, at the crags, and in the bottom of my pack. When I jumped on Marmot’s website and saw the Mica Jacket it seemed to fit the bill. My criteria was simple: lightweight (7 ozs) and waterproof (MemBrain Strata). That’s all I was really looking for in terms of base features. Marmot has always been spot-on with fit made for the field. They pay close attention to details like hoods that actually work with a helmet and room in the arms and body that allow you to move when skiing and climbing.

When the jacket arrived I was impressed by it’s packability. It stuffs down into one of the two hand pockets (about the size of an orange). Perfect for clipping to the harness or shoving into my pack.

Then came the true test. Front Range wind and snow on an early morning ski tour in the Indian Peaks. It was one of those days in the Colorado high country, when winter returns with a vengeance. I’d dressed for spring, for a fast tempo skin and ski, not for these temps, not for nukin’ wind and recycled snow ripping through the air. The jacket lived up to my past experiences with Marmot’s gear. It worked - and worked well. It broke the wind and kept me dry. It allowed me to stay warm in the wind and not overheat on the skin. The cuffs stayed down over my gloves and the hood provided the needed room and protection.

I’m looking forward to the spring and summer season ahead in Rocky Mountain National Park. Having the Mica in my pack will be a relief when the wind howls and the rain decides to wash me off a climb. If you’re in need, check out Marmot’s Mica Jacket.

Cost: $130 – You can’t beat that for a fully waterproof shell!

For more info on Marmot’s '09 line, check out:

Simon Fryer
Boulder Rock Club & Colorado Mountain School
2829 Mapleton Ave.
Boulder, CO. 80301


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